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IGN: Kygaz
By Kygaz » 6 months ago
Greetings all,

I've been seeing many servers with simple to very hard events.
They are fun little co-op time wasting games good to get to know one another and get some rewards in the progress.
I'd like people to share their ideas here with me and all other people interested, to shine ideas for the admins/owner!

To all, Thanks for your support!


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IGN: Mesorac
By Mesorac » 6 months ago
An event could be a maze race. Have a Multi-floor Glass Maze and the first person to reach the top wins some type of prize? Could be money, or a nice Crazy Enchantment book. 

Another event could be a Last Man/Woman Standing Mob Arena. Where the Owner/Admin starts spawning every Type of mob (Minus Ghasts and Boss mobs) and the last person a live get a reward.

Another event could be a horse race, Everyone gets there best horse and race them in a horse obstical course arena.