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IGN: 0mock
By 0mock » 6 months ago
GN: 0mock
Real name: Nick
Gender: Meat Popsicle
Age: 34
Location: Maine, USA
Occupation: Security

Hey all, figured I'd be next in line to do this. Been playing MC for about 6 years now, I mostly play in the winter (because its damn cold out there) and when I pick up night shifts at work. I enjoy building large villages/towns and strip mining for resources (its rather relaxing). I'm married and have a kid, and although I my wife is a semi gamer, I cant get her to play MC. Even though she thinks all the animals are cute. I'm a fan of RPGs, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, Stardew Valley and will dive into the FPS from time to time. 


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IGN: Kygaz
By Kygaz » 6 months ago
Good to meet ya Nick :) I'm also a Stardew Valley player haha, cant wait for multiplayer to come out in 2018!